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70 Inch Bathtubs

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Announcing the new Luxeair tub by Aquatic. Find out more about this latest design in bath environments.

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70 Inch Bathtubs

 Aquatic  |  Laural Mountain

Aquatic Bathtubs
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Infinity II
70" x 35" x 28"
Sixteen jets. 

Universal Oval
70" x 42" x 26"

Eight jets distributed into two massage stations.  Available as a soaking, non-jetted tub with or without recesses.

Century 31
70" x 47 1/2" x 29"

Offers even more room to relax and includes benefits of the feature-packed Century Series. Six jets including two full size Pressure-Flo Hydrotherapy Jets, two Aquatic Rotary Massage Jets stacked in the first lounger and a Fan Jet stacked horizontally (for upper back, shoulders and neck massage) above an Aquatic Rotary Massage Jet in the second lounger.

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Serenity II
70" x 42" x 26"

Eighty-two air jets.



Century 24
69 3/4" x 41 3/4" x 27 3/4"

Integrating the beauty of a true oval bathing design with all the comforts of the Century Series. Eight jets.



The Winchester
70" x 44" x 24"

A beautiful rectangular design is unique from start to finish with scalloped corners and a symmetrically contoured rim.  Sculpted contours also compliment the top interior portion of the bathing well for an attractive design that is sure to get noticed at first glance. This spacious two-person whirlpool bath has eight fully adjustable jets.



Laurel Mountain
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The Ambler
70" x 40"
Six jets.

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